Thursday, March 12, 2015

A New Adventure

Time to get moving again. Those of you who know us know that our family (myself, my husband, and two sons) lived aboard a sailboat for five years (you can check out our previous blog svnorthfork if you are interested - I have to admit I wasn't very good at writing that one and really want to make a bigger effort this go around).

Last year we found out #3 was on the way. After a lot of sea miles and soul searching we decided that we needed a break from sea life for awhile. But what to do next? Living in our house full-time just wasn't going to work for our family. It just doesn't fit us. So when the boat sold in December it was time to make some decisions. And this is what we decided. It's time to really explore our own beautiful country.

Here is our new home. A 2015 Forest River Charleston with a Bunk House

Here's the "Northfork" Crew - No matter what we will always be the Northfork crew and most likely always use sailing terms. I definitely call the RV the boat. It's habit and frankly I think it's a fun way to remember our boating.

Mark: The Dad, Captain, Computer Programmer Extraordinaire who loves the outdoors and playing in the dirt with his boys.
Dana: The Mom, Quilting Enthusiast, Photography lover (well maybe just taking pics of all her boys).

MM: Oldest (3 years). Lover of books, books, books, tools, trains, and all things purple.

FF: Will be 2 in May 2015. Loves Balls, books, balls, rocks, balls...

JJ: Just a baby boy figure out his way. Lover of milk and chew toys. And is very determined to keep up with his brothers.

 Josie: Our Au Pair from Germany who will be traveling with us until August. My extra set of hands. Lover of American Malls. But what 19 year old doesn't?